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Who we are


ANAXCO is founded by a group of technical experts, which provides world class technology and specific products with highly integrated services in India. Anaxco in his capacity has overload of the universe. Anax has decided to remove archaic title after association with professional bodies, and providing innovative ideas/ concept to become contemporary king in the corporate world, it refers to professionals only “those actually would like to become leader of the market”.

We work with four Pillars:

, Quality, Process and long term relationship with excellent services.

ANAX CORPORATION OF INDIA is exercising its power over several local markets. We are providing best technology to all kind of organizational bodies to make their identity at globally. It also integrates all the part of several professionals.

  • Bihar – 5 Cities
    Jharkhand – 10 Cities
    Odisha – 5 Cities
    Bengal – 2 Cities
    Utter Pradesh – 2 Cities